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our core business is

machine installation
  - used and new machiness
  - disassembly & assembly
  - revamping & installation
project management
  - factory & layout design
  - engineering service
  - umbrella projects
  - participation in kaizen activities
  - carring out improvements

supplying industry with special goods

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Apr 16, 2018 by Isu Lassu

Refixing a machine by plating the floor
Refixing a machine by plating the floor

Jan 4, 2017 by Zalai-Ruzsics Botond

The case: A machine previously...

Relocation of aluminium tube factory
Relocation of aluminium tube factory

Oct 31, 2016 by Isu Lassu

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We say everybody should do what's best in.
You have a core business, and all your staff is professional in that business. Your maintenance has excellent technical people who maintain your machines professionally. Your project management team has excellent people and familiar with your projects. 
Your new investment needs its own professional team, and we are that team. Our job begins with your decision on the machine, and ends when you start using it.  
We provide all:


  • Designs of layout, service modifications, extensions
  • Calculation of service needs (air, water, electricity)
  • Holistic view of the installation from the miniature details to the big things 
  • 24/7 change management, continuous process reporting
  • Resident technical project management during the installation
  • Coopearation with the machine supplier long before the installation
  • Realization of the installation, or working as an umbrella company (please see HOW WE WORK)
  • Assistance during commissioning, prepared to solve all rising problems​

When you start doing what you do the best, our job is done.