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ISO 9001 Quality Policy

Quality Policy

The management of KLEIN & STARK a.s. is committed to meeting the requirements of customers, laws, regulations, standards and all interested parties, and achieving continuous development and improvement of quality and efficiency. Our main goal is to provide excellent products and services for our partners and customers, and therefore ensure the growth of the company.

The management's aim of using a quality management system is to reduce the amount of manufacturing defects in the component production, and faults in the technology and equipment installation, maintenance and service areas to the lowest possible amount.

The management of our company is aware that high quality products and services can only be provided by high quality work. We hope to maintain and extend our market share by improving our managing, implementing and controlling activities.

We execute our tasks with the help of qualified specialists, using modern techniques and technologies to ensure the best quality and to meet the deadlines.

The improvement of quality ensures that our products and services will be the most appropriate and economical for all our customers, and our company access new markets.

The fundamental goal of our quality policy is to gain and retain the customers' trust and satisfaction.

Therefore the manager of the KLEIN & STARK a.s. decided to introduce, continuously operate and develop the MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System to fulfil the stated goals, which require the following:


  • The organization of the company should be clear and understandable to all employees.

  • Activities should be clearly defined.

  • All employees’ technical knowledge should meet the conditions of quality work.

  • The quality of the resources should ensure that all our employees can meet the high technical level of the company.

  • We require all our employees to know the expectations of our quality management system and to consistently abide by them.

  • The efficiency of the system is constantly monitored and evaluated. If it is necessary, we take corrective actions to provide the continuous improvement of the system.

  • All our employees are expected to focus on the quality of their work, and we provide a step-by-step training to ensure that. The commitment to quality management is a fundamental requirement for every position in our company.

During the design and implementation of the quality management system the business environment was taken into consideration, and process-based thinking and the risk-based approach were applied.

We ensure that our organization's employees, contractors and all interested parties know, understand and accept our Quality Policy.

Komárno, 10.01.2019.

Botond Zalai-Ruzsics
Chairman of Board of Directors


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